Agile Assessment

Our comprehensive Agile assessment examines the following areas: Adherence to Agile Norms, Leadership, and Culture.

Setup 30 Minutes

About the Assessment

Our comprehensive assessment examines 3 critical areas for developing an Agile mindset in your organization. These 3 areas are outlined below.

Agile Norms

We start with a simple survey to understand the team's current Agile maturity level. We'll look at every cadence and the practices that support each one of them. Additionally, we'll join every cadence for at least 1 sprint to observe the team(s) in action. This provides a deep understanding of the team's current state and needs.


Efforts to go Agile succeed when the teams and the leaders are on the same page. Our Assessment examines organizational and team leadership to identify opportunity areas and to accelerate the Agile adoption in the organization.


We seek to understand key aspects of the culture like psychological safety, competitiveness, and drive so that we can help leaders shape those characteristics within their organization.