Our Capabilities

We focus on the people. We believe people provide the power to deliver the work and without a strong foundation, organizations struggle. You'll see that in the capabilities we've built, described below.

Agile Assessment

Our comprehensive Agile assessment examines the following areas: Adherence to Agile Norms, Leadership, and Culture.

We leverage both qualitative and quantitative techniques to get a full understanding of the unique needs of your organization.

Agile Coaching & Transformation

If your Agile transformation is just getting started or you encountered challenges along the way, we will get you on the right track.

Our comprehensive coaching approach typically starts with the assessment above, then leads to us leading the team through 1 Sprint and finally coaching the team as they learn to run on their own.

Leadership Agility Assessment

Self-Awareness and empowering others are critical skills in today's business environment. Doing these things well helps build an agile organization. This assessment helps you understand your current level of leadership agility and the followup discussion and coaching provides tangible next steps for moving from being an Expert to an Achiever to a Catalyst leader (only the absolute best leaders are functioning at the Catalyst level).

SAFe Training

The fastest and most effective way to get everyone on the same page is through private, dedicated SAFe training classes for your organization. Our unique focus on the human and interpersonal aspects of Agile in a SAFe context builds incredibly strong organizations.

Culture Assessment

Culture impacts every product you produce. Thriving cultures provide environments in which people engage, innovate, perform, challenge, and grow.

Culture though, is elusive. What's a good culture? What's a bad culture? We considered this question and thought it would be great if we could measure culture, so we looked for quantitative ways to do just that and we found the Competing Values Framework, an incredible model for culture that's been in use since 1983.

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