Culture Assessment

Our culture assessment leverages the Competing Values Framework, a proven framework that helps quantify culture so that we can make changes and measure the impacts.

Set Up 30 Minutes

Culture Assessment

Culture impacts every product you produce. Thriving cultures provide environments in which people engage, innovate, perform, challenge, and grow.

Culture though, is elusive. What's a good culture? What's a bad culture? We considered this question and thought it would be great if we could measure culture, so we looked for quantitative ways to do just that and we found the Competing Values Framework, an incredible model for culture that's been in use since 1983. It's been used in 10's of thousands of organizations.

Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values framework provides an unbiased, quantitative approach to evaluating culture across 4 primary culture types:

  • Create: A dynamic and creative culture
  • Collaborate: A friendly culture that feels like family
  • Control: A formalized and structured culture
  • Compete: A hard-driving get-things-done culture

These 4 types of culture overlap and compete with each other to create the unique culture of your work environment.

Taking Action

Our assessment takes very little time to start and can quickly be completed to the entire company (or organization, team, etc). We make this part simple.

Once you have the results, it's time to take action.
The assessment evaluates both current state and future (preferred) state of the culture. The gap between the two cultures produces our action plan which considers a wide range of critical culture influencers:

  • Industry
  • Market
  • Org Structure
  • Vision & Mission
  • Psychological Safety
  • Dependability
  • Meaning
  • Impact
  • Leadership style
  • Leadership agility
  • Compensation model
  • Location