Leadership Agility 360 Assessment

Help leaders develop agility in 3 different contexts: Individual Interactions, Team Interactions, and Organizational Leadership.

Setup 30 Minutes

About the Leadership Agility 360 Assessment

This assessment helps you understand your current level of leadership agility and the followup discussion and coaching provides tangible next steps for moving from being an Expert to an Achiever to a Catalyst leader (only 10% of leaders are functioning at the Catalyst level).

This leadership 360 assessment provides perspective based on the behaviors leaders exhibit in the real world. You'll understand your current level of leadership (Expert, Achiever, or Catalyst) in 3 different action arenas (see below) and we'll help you build an action plan for significantly increasing your leadership Agility.

30 Years of Research

  • Based on the award-winning (and excellent!) book Leadership Agility by Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs.
  • This book was written based on 30 years of research by David Bradford and Allan Cohen in their book Managing for Excellence.

3 Critical Action Arenas

  • Pivotal Conversations: Conversations where important outcomes are at stake
  • Improving Team Performance: Improving your team's capacity and capabilities
  • Leading Organizational Change: Guiding initiatives to improve your org and key relationships

A Complete Picture

You'll receive a complete understanding of your leadership agility. The assessment evaluates 4 types of agility (the innermost circle on the right) and the 2 key capabilities within each type (the outermost circle).

Leadership Agility 360 Sample Report

This partial sample report provides perspective on the report you will receive. It's the starting point of our coaching. Using your report, we'll develop an action plan for developing your leadership agility.